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  • Sep 30 / 2013
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Welcome to Ace Intermed

Pasteurisation Products

Ace Intermed is an organisation that understands the benefits of breast feeding and the importance of supporting preterm donor milk supply with approved  Pasteurization equipment.

We have had 15 years as a leading worldwide supplier of Human milk Pasteurisers and associated neonatal equipment. The HMP2000 range of Pasteurizers has been operational throughout this period in areas including USA, UK, EUROPE and the FAR EAST. Our reputation of unrivaled customer service has been proven over the years as shown in our customer references. Ace Intermed have continued to develop and pioneer new products in support of neonatal units worldwide.

Its founder Mike Cole has a passion for design and the development of new products for use globally to support breast feeding and preterm infant feeding.

We are proud to say our HMP2000-40HC Pasteurizer has full UL approval which reflects our dedication to supply high quality and effective products.

Ace Intermed supply the  AXifeed 21 donor and expressed breast milk bottle and cap range being the only comprehensive truly tamper-evident system, providing clear verification that feeds are safeguarded from accidental or deliberate contamination. These bottles are used in milk bank and neonatal units worldwide. Whether used for delivering mothers own milk, donor milk or special feeds the highest level protection is assured for new born, premature and sick babies. Sizes Include 200ml ( 6oz  six ounce ) , 100ml ( 3oz  three ounce ) , 50ml ( 1oz   one ounce ).