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  • Nov 11 / 2013
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ACE USA agent to stock Pasteurizer Spares!

Ace USA will  hold stock of  Human Milk  Pasteurizer spares.  Vital spare Parts  will be despatched directly from the USA stock holding in New Jersey.  Following UL approval this shows further demonstration of commitment to our increasing  USA customer base.

  • Nov 01 / 2013
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HMBANA Victoria 2014

Come meet our team, we have the new UL approved HMP2000-40HC Pasteurizer on display.

  • Nov 01 / 2013
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UNICEF Glasgow November 2013

Come met our team, we have the UL approved Pasteurizer, Bottles caps and Human Milk Analyser on display.

  • Oct 16 / 2013
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HMP2000-40C Human Milk Pasteurizer Now UL Listed

We are excited to bring another important first to the United States in announcing UL Approval for the “Ace” HMP2000-40C Human Milk Pasteuriser, this Pasteuriser is now UL Listed!!!  This also applies to Canada as cULs Listed approval has also been granted.

UL Listed

  • May 13 / 2002
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Press Release

A Safer Method against HIV

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 13-19 May 2002

In this week of National Breastfeeding Awareness, Ace InterMed Ltd, an established supplier to NHS Trusts of breast-milk pasteurisers has developed the Single Bottle Pasteuriser (SBP). This low cost unit is a significant advance in the growth of human milk banking and offers help in the fight against the danger of HIV+ mothers transmitting the virus to their babies when breastfeeding.

In developing countries especially, where human milk banking resources are very limited, the introduction of the SBP could mean a low cost, effective answer to the problem of HIV being transmitted through breast-milk. Since the SBP only requires boiling water to work, it is a viable solution in crisis areas, where resources are scarce and mothers cannot afford formula feeding.

A compact portable unit, designed for small amounts of breast milk, the SBP employs a method identified in the Pretoria pasteurisation article (1. “Heat inactivates the HIV virus and so by pasteurising human milk, where the heat from water is transferred to the milk, lives really can be saved. And in a domestic environment, or where milk-banking resources don’t exist, babies can receive many of the benefits of the breast-milk whilst the risk of passing on the virus can be eliminated.”

The pasteurisation of breast-milk has long been an important safety measure in the field of human milk banking. On the discovery that HIV can be passed via breastfeeding, the UK saw a severe decline in milk banks, as well as a decrease in the number of human milk donors. Yet, milk banking saves thousands of lives every year throughout the world. For premature babies in particular, donated human milk can mean the difference between life and death. With increased capabilities in pasteurisation of breast-milk, it is hoped that more mothers and babies internationally, who would otherwise be at risk, will benefit from greater access to this simple but effective method.

1) Pretoria Pasteurisation: A Potential Method for the Reduction of Postnatal Mother to Child Transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - B.S. Jeffery and K.G. Mercer, Journal of Tropical Pediatrics. Vol 46, August 200, Oxford University Press.